How to wear a KADAMBANI Saree?

KADAMBANI Sarees are ready-to-wear sarees that are pre-stitched that eliminate the need for pleating and tucking, making it an effortless and convenient option for those who want to look stylish without the hassle. This type of saree has a pre-stitched petticoat, with a built-in waistband for easy wear. Here are the detailed steps 

  1. Wear the blouse and the bottom that you want to wear under the saree, it could be denim, pant, jegging, or a panty.
  2. Wrap the saree around your waist and adjust the fitting with the clips/hooks
  3. Wrap around your back.
  4. Bring the saree your shoulder and you are done.

    The saree can be worn with just a simple slip-on, making it a great choice for those who are new to wearing sarees or for those who want to save time and effort.