How to take Measurement?

How to take waist measurement for Kadambani Saree?

Measure around the narrowest part of your waist, which is usually just above the belly button refer image 1.
Some people also like to wear the saree below belly button, if you are one of those, please measure taking reference of the second image.

Note: Kadambani Saree comes with adjustable waistband which can manage adjustments from -2 to +4 inches. So, don't be worried too much we have mechanism to manage some errors.

How to take Height (waist to feet) measurement for Kadambani Sarees?

After defining the waistband, now measure the height of the saree, from the waistband to the feet. If you wear heals please consider measuring the height including the height of the heels.

Please note the height of the Kadambani saree will be fixed as per the measurement given, but if you want adjust the same, you have wear it above or below belly button as per requirement.