Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ready-to-wear saree?

KADAMBANI Sarees are ready-to-wear sarees that are pre-stitched that eliminate the need for pleating and tucking, making it an effortless and convenient option for those who want to look stylish without the hassle. This type of saree has a pre-stitched petticoat, with a built-in waistband for easy wear.

Why KADAMBANI ready-to-wear sarees?

Most of the ready-to-wear sarees avalable in the market have skirt like stitching which look very different from orignal saree. KADAMBANI Sarees are actually the same saree which you are seeing from the ages, the difference is we have made it easy to wear for you.

Do I need to wear a petticoat under the ready-to-wear saree?

One of the biggest advantages of Kadambani's ready-to-wear sarees is their versatility. They can be worn on denim, pants, jeggings, or any other bottom, eliminating the need for a petticoat. However, if you wish, you can still wear it under your saree.

What if I lose or gain weight?

The KADAMBANI's sarees feature a waistband for easy wear. This waistband consists of an elastic at the back and 3 hooks/clips at the front which enabling the user to adjust the waist up to -4 Inches to +6 inches from the size ordered.

In what all sizes the saree are available?

The sarees are available for waist sizes starting from 28 inches and goes up to 38 inches and Height (waist to feet) starting from 34 inches and goes up to 42 inches.

How to measure the sizes?

The waist size is the normal size that you use for denim, pants, or jeggings and Height is the length from the waist to the ankles, please make sure that you include the heels if you wear it along with the saree.

How to wear a KADAMBANI Saree?

Here are the detailed steps 

1.Wear the blouse and the bottom that you want to wear under the saree, it could be denim, pant, jegging, or a panty.
2. Wrap the saree around your waist and adjust the fitting with the clips/hooks
3. Wrap around your back.
4. Bring the saree your shoulder and you are done.

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Does KADAMBANI have any offline stores?

No, right now KADAMBANI is available online only. We don't have any offline stores.

What are the return policies?

Every saree at KADAMBANI is personalised and so it very dificult to accept any returns, however if one receives the product with any defect, we take that back.

How long does it takes to ship the order?

Every saree will be personalised as per your specifications, so it take 3-5 days to ship and in text 2 to 7 days it will reach you depending on your location.

Where is KADAMBANI's warehouse?

KADAMBANI is based in Delhi's Ambedkar Nagar region.

Whome should I connect in case of any issue?

You can reach out to our Customer Support team at 7428-020-070 or 9355-23-1155 or email us